Core competencies of Marine Offshore Division:

  • Inspection / Work class ROV operation support
  • Inspection and maintenance of single buoy moorings
  • Removal and re-installation of single buoy moorings
  • Pigging and retrieval of pigs
  • De burial and non-destructive testing of pipelines
  • 'A' scanning and magnetic particle inspection of platform members
  • Location and arrest of gas leaks
  • Tie in of pipelines and crossovers
  • Location and arrest of gas leaks
  • Replacement of caisson pipes and riser sections
  • Installation and Removal of Risers
  • Crossings and free span corrections
  • Installation of riser clamps and anodes
  • Repair of flare booms
  • Inspections and maintenance of PLEMs and pipelines
  • Assisting jack-ups on well head maintenance
  • Drill support includes blowout control
  • Installation of flexible pipeline from one platform to another passing through I Tubes.

Our Work

Coflexi Retrieval and Shifting

Dive 24 pile Self Penetration

Marine Growth Removal (MGR)

Boat Landing Installation

Tanker Mooring Ops

SBM Loading Arm Removal Job

Oil Spill Boom Layup

Diving Bell

ROV Camera / Sensors views at Cluster – 7 Field

Divers preparing messenger line on Barge JUB1 for Towing

SBM Rescued by Crew

Chopper on Deck

LBL Array Development

Working at RIGS


Concrete Sleepers on Deck